Annual Picnic

February 9th is our Annual Picnic – we are celebrating our 50 year anniversary. Bring your family and friends for an afternoon of fun – bbq, popcorn, volleyball, music, and more.  Evites were sent please make sure you RSVP. The picnic is Sunday from 12-5 pm at the Tropical Park, Shelter # 9. See you there!

Speaker of the Day – Feb. 6th

David Isea of Cartridge World Miami

I was born in Venezuela in 1971, My father was a Doctor and my Mother is a nurse , I am the oldest of three bothers ,( have 2 sisters.). I grew up in Venezuela, However I spent  one  year in Mexico city when i was 2 years old  because of my Father’s  Job.I had attended  the primary and  high school in Venezuela, after I finished the high school I decided to study electronic Engineering , I got my college degree in 1993. as Engineer.

In 1994, I started to work for 3M Venezuela, and then I moved to  the oil industry and after those experience,  I decided to spend one year in United stated to study English.

I came back to Venezuela in 1996,   I was hired by international company belong to the cement industry Marker named Holcim, I worked for then for more than 22 years, in there different countries , such as Colombia, Azerbaijan and Argentina. During this time I took and MBA in a university in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2019 due to personal reason I decided to become and entrepreneur  , I was looking for a business opportunity in USA, It was when  I  found cartridge world

I am living in US since Nov 2019, with my wife and two children , Victor and Sabrina
Sabrina is at 10 grade and Victor is already at the college.